Kiev in Flames – How is the EuroMaidan Movement divided?

On Tuesday the Independence Square (Maidan) of Kiev suffered the bloodiest day since the beginning of the protests. The situation in Maidan was literally explosive; at least 25 dead, 5 of which are journalists and thousands wounded filling the hospitals of the Ukrainian capital. Yesterday, 20:00, Ukrainian hour, the Berkut (riot police) attempted to clear the square with water cannons. In response, protesters began throwing Molotov cocktails and the clash outraged drastically. This morning seemed calmer, but with scenery devastated by fire. The occupied trade union house was still in flames, after burning the whole night. Schools and kindergartens have been closed. However, appearances are deceiving; Protestants are preparing to strike again. Here the question arises: Who are they? Who is part of EuroMaidan movement? Here the division according to Katya Gorchinskaya:

Berkut en Maidan (Kiev)

The Right Sector: The group emerges on November 20. Dmytro Yarosh, leader of the right sector speaks of his group as the most revolutionary of the Independence Square; this is seen in the determination of the group as they do not reject violence to achieve a revolution and are even willing to die for it. No do not embrace nationalist idea and consider not only Ukrainians, but also Belorussian-Russian, Armenians and others oppressed. Yarosh called to join the demonstrations to anyone with legal weapons.


Spilna sprava (or Common Cause): Looking for a radical shift in power by occupying government buildings. This group is one of the most important after the occupation of the city council on December 1:  commissioned to defend the building and prevent the entry of the police. They also occupied the Ministry of Agriculture, Energy and Justice. They consider themselves as a peaceful group.

“Maidan Self-Defense”: It consists of paramilitary units defending more than 10,000 people, who defend the protesters. They joined after December 1, seeing how critical the situation was getting. They wear helmets and body armor and equipped with shields and batons.

Veterans of the Afghan War: As during Orange Revolution and like the previous group, they form a group of paramilitary defense. They are in the line between protesters and Berkuts (riot police). Formed by 200 veterans, who gradually not only become disillusioned, but also distrustful with the protesters and the riot police.

AutoMaidan: Its leaders are exiled or are persecuted by the police. This group rides caravans though the square, encouraging with their megaphones.


Student Movements: Marginalized by other protesters have mounted several shops and information centers ignored by other protesters. They seek political change and reform in education. They were a very important part in the early stages of the movement but gradually they have been losing steam, allegedly by her youth and their positions. The student movement has been the first group to submit a complete plan to change legally the actual government.

Yulia Timoshenko

Batkivshchyna Party: The party of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko sentenced in 2011 to seven years in prison. Protesters belonging to this party are seeking a peaceful solution. It is a strong party in parliament with 89 seats, but has internal divisions and corruption problems. The party seeks to restore the Constitution of 2004 that slowed the president’s powers.

UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform): the party is led by Vitali Klitschko and similar to the ideology of the German Christian Democrats (CDU). It is the second largest opposition party with 42 seats. The protesters are disenchanted with their leader; nevertheless he seems the strongest choice as a future President.

 UDAR - Vitali Klitschko en Kiev

Svoboda: Search for the creation of a nationalist state, formed also by xenophobic and radical groups; with 36 seats in parliament. The protesting members of this party were the ones that dumped Lenin’s statue last December 8.

Democratic Alliance: Looking for a change in the laws, but generally without clear defined goals. Its members are very young and promote more politically activeness among Ukrainians.

Public Sector EuroMaidan: Aims to join many kinds of activists and well organized movement. It coordinates all protests since November 21 informing the protesters, handing out food and warm clothing. The idea is to collaborate in order to achieve better strategies.

Since tuesday media talk about  a possible civil war, but what is clear is that the movement EuroMaidan Kiev is ready strike back against Berkuts.

Translated by Cristina Pomareta